Making a HUMAN connection. Emotional. Memorable. Inspire to action. That’s what we do. Here at Inflatable Film, we’ve been inspired by the work you do at the Mark Foundation through our friend, Pat Lewis. We get that overwhelming feeling that our dreams are so completely aligned. Our simple goal: to work with AMAZING people, and do GOOD in the world.

Below we have compiled just a few samples of our storytelling style, as we follow the efforts of Foundations, Corporations, and Small Businesses who make an IMPACT. We believe that following the money to the HUMANS it helps, telling the Survivor Stories, and visiting the Heroes who make it happen along the way, is how you will be REMEMBERED.

We’re looking forward to talking wth you about your immediate needs, and beyond!

– Todd & Leah


From our first interview with The President in Honolulu to our travels across Oceania to meet and film with several of his Asia-Pacific Foundation Leaders, never have we met more inspiring humans. We are so honored to share their stories, and see the dreams of the Obama Foundation REALIZED in their young leaders’ ACTION.


Obama Foundation Leader Julian Aguan was born and raised in Guam and is grounded in the central Chamorro value of reciprocity. He started Blue Ocean Law with that value in mind, and today he’s doing his part to defend vulnerable communities from pressing issues in the Pacific region.

DISSA | Jakarta

When Dissa was 10 years old, she met a deaf person for the very first time in her life. She was struck by how learning and communicating in sign language could connect her with the deaf community. That’s why she started Fingertalk, a social enterprise with the mission of providing employment opportunities for deaf people in Indonesia.


Sooo… Microsoft Corporation: it’s all Windows, Word, and X-box… right?

Well… WHO KNEW that some of the world’s maddest scientists, tackling our planets biggest challenges can be found geeking out in the halls at… Microsoft RESEARCH.

These Big Brain Rockstars of Science are literally at the cutting edge of SAVING the world… and they sent US… all OVER the world to document their progress. Here are just a few stops along the way:

South Africa


Video Testimonials… YES! We loved working on these video testimonials for our FAVORITE DENTIST! This a look at what is possible, filming remotely, during this time of COVID.

Justin’s Testimonial